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It’s here and it’s good, a new Le Choix Trois! This week the lovely Lisi of The Beauty File opens up her wardrobe and picks her three favourite pieces. I just love how the group of ‘Le Choix Belles’ is growing and how willing everybody is to introduce me to great new bloggers. Kellina of ‘I Want to be a Roitfeld' told me about Lisi and her impeccable taste and since then, I'm hooked to The Beauty File. (BTW if you have the time do check out ‘I want to be a Battaglia' too, to which I'm contributing! AND if you know of some fab blogger that should be a Le Choix Belle, contact me!).

Lisi was so inspired by other blogs that she decided to create her own in March 2009.  She started The Beauty File with the intention of reviewing beauty products, but browsing the fashiony blogs and magazine websites made her realize her true passion lies in the fashion world.  She has always been drawn to trends and she loves knowing what’s on the runway, what’s in the stores and what the “fashion set” is wearing.  She loves trend spotting, critiquing looks, collecting beautiful images and sharing them with others.  So blogging was a natural fit.  She doesn’t post any of her personal looks, she rather compiles heaps of inspiration pictures for her posts, which includes: street style, editorials, red carpet looks and photography.  Her aim is to bring  the most current trends with her own personal spin to her readers.

Lisi is not only busy on the Internet. Next to being a wife, she is the proud mum of an 8 month old son and a 6-year-old Spaniel/Pomeranian mix dog. And since that isn’t hectic enough she’s also a part time graduate student in Speech & Language Pathology.  One day she hopes to have her own practice and work with Early Language in very young children.  

When it comes to fashion Lisi calls Audrey Hepburn and her grandmother her true style icons. No matter what, her grandma always looked like she was ready to be interviewed on “Charlie Rose” or meet the first lady. Her style was impeccable, her accessories were legendary and Lisi keeps her close to her heart everyday. The Beauty File blogger describes her personal style as classic preppie/whimsical boho and counts tight black pants, long tops and flats as her wardrobe staples.  

And now you know (almost) everything about Lisi (the camera shy beauty, even agreed on sharing a portrait!) you are probably very curious to see her favourite three pieces!

Here’s Le Choix de Beauty File by Lisi

1.     Lace & chiffon top by Nanette Lepore

This top makes me feel so glamorous and dressed up with minimal effort.  I think it’s the lace.  It’s something I bought a few years ago at the big Saks sale around the holidays {I’m one of those people who shops on Black Friday} and I just adore it.  It’s a go to for an elegant evening out or just a small dinner with friends.  I like to wear it with black pants {I’m a New Yorker, it’s the uniform} and then some really pretty, gold jewelry, but never a necklace because the lace up top is the scene-stealer.  Easy, classy and timeless.

2.     Black leather “Large Downtown” bag by Yves Saint Laurent. 

This is my absolute favorite bag.  It’s so classic and TREMENDOUS, I bring it with me on meetings, lunches and shopping.  I love that I can fit everything in it, the inside is a soft suede and it’s just made so well.  It also still smells brand new almost three years later.  I’m the kind of person who would rather save {for years} for one amazing piece than blow all my money on cheaper things that will go out of style.  I’m totally “quality over quantity” for better or worse…

3.     Vintage Tiffany Gold Bangle- my grandma’s

I adored this bangle on my grandma, she used to wear it daily.  It’s not too chunky, but not too small and I feel so lucky to be able to wear it now.  I love the old fashioned clasp and the way “Tiffany & Co” is delicately inscribed on the hook.  It was a gift from my grandfather and I wear it with almost anything.  Layered or alone, it’s a piece I absolutely adore and think of her every time I see it.

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